The Crew: Marc, Ryan & Blake

Marc Borde was born on February 8, 1980, in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, and moved to Houston, Texas, with his parents when he was 2 years old. As a child he spent most of his weekends on the water either fishing with his dad on their boat in Galveston Bay, The Gulf of Mexico and other Texas bays and lakes, or hanging out at the beach. While attending Seabrook Intermediate School, Marc had the privilege of joining his dad and sister on a two-week sailing charter in the Caribbean and became instantly hooked on sailing.  Upon his return from the islands – after knocking on several doors in his neighborhood (El Lago) looking for a cheap or free sailboat – he met Don and Cindy Sharp who took him under their wing and began training him to be a competitive sailor so he could compete with their daughter. Ali at that time was the Texas Champion of the Optimist dinghy class. After years of successful training, racing and eventually coaching out of Houston Yacht Club, Marc decided to quit competitive sailing and took up surfing instead. After surf sessions in Galveston, Marc would go to Ryan Beard’s house and have jam sessions with the local surfers and musicians, playing mostly drums to an assortment of loose punk rock and reggae jams.   Marc’s dad had taught him some basic chords on the guitar and cuatro, and his mom enrolled him in piano lessons in grade school, but he didn’t decide to take his talent seriously until his college years.  In between surf and jam sessions, Marc attended College of the Mainland where he originally planned to study Marine Science, but ended up receiving a music scholarship and played drums and bass guitar for the school jazz combo.  After writing his first song and taking a surf trip to Trinidad, the reggae band Shark Attack was formed with Ryan Beard, Wes Hicks, Kareem Joseph, Eric Campbell and Taylor Creech.  Marc took a break from school and focused on singing, playing guitar and keyboard, writing songs, recording and touring with his band. After about ten years, Marc eventually returned to school and graduated with an associate’s degree in general arts, and began working as a piping designer for Houston area engineering companies. When the oil industry crashed, Marc jumped on the opportunity to get back into music and started developing Borde Room Entertainment and, and got back into songwriting, recording and performing with various musicians and bands. Marc now lives aboard his sailboat in Galveston Bay (exact location varies with the fishing season), and is currently playing guitar and singing with Hold Fast Fables, Cassette Tape, The Crew, Shark Attack and solo.


Ryan Beard was born February 24, 1981, in Honolulu, Hawaii, but was only there for three months before moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  From the age of 5, Ryan was singing in the church with his mother and older brother.  As a kid, Ryan enjoyed playing sports, riding bikes and playing in the dirt.  After moving to Clear Lake (just 30 minutes southeast of Houston, Texas) Ryan fell in love with salt water and surfing and with that came skateboarding and music.  Influenced by the speed and simplicity of punk rock, he picked up a guitar and learned every “power chord” song he could.  When a surf trip to Trinidad put reggae music in his ear, Ryan started Shark Attack with Marc Borde, Wes Hicks and Eric Cambell.  After touring for many years, he got tired for carrying around all his gear and traded it all in for an acoustic guitar.  Mama Tried formed soon after that, after hearing Blake Plsek playing banjo.  Hunter Baughman joined in on the bass fiddle and Steven Redman joined in on drums soon after.  Ryan is currently playing guitar and singing for Mama Tried, Shark Attack and The Crew.  When not on the road, he still resides in the Clear Lake area.


Blake Plsek was born in Webster, Texas, June 14, 1981.  At the age of 8, he moved to Albany, Georgia, and enjoyed playing baseball, fishing, playing in the woods or anything outdoors.  At 13, Blake joined the school band playing percussion and soon after got his first guitar.  Moving back to Friendswood, Texas, as a freshman in high school, he became obsessed with live music but still went fishing frequently.  Influenced by artists such as Jerry Garcia, “Old and in the Way;” Bela Fleck, “The String Cheese Incident;” Earl Scruggs, “The Weary Boys;” Old Man Markley, Steve Martin, David “String Bean” Akeman, “The Devil Makes Three,” and The Gourds, the banjo became his instrument of choice.  At 28, Blake bought a banjo and hasn’t put it down since.  Currently Blake plays banjo for Mama Tried and banjo and cajon for The Crew and is ready for the next sailboat tour.



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