Has Anyone Seen Blake?

The morning after Johnny Love’s raging party was full of surprises.   The first was a phone call from Blake.  He had slept on the stage and was still at the beach.  Apparently, he had wandered off the night before and was nowhere to be found when we left the beach.  I thought he was with Hunter, and Hunter thought he was with me.


Johnny Love’s Birthday Party

Mile marker 207 on Padre Island near the Packery Channel is the sight of many raging beach parties.  Johnny Love’s birthday party was to be no exception, and when we were invited to play we jumped on the opportunity even though we already had two shows scheduled for that night.  The first show was at House of Rock in downtown Corpus Christi with The Crew opening up for EFC and The Expendables.  It was short but sweet and the crowd was stoked.  Immediately after our set we had to leave to make it to the Shark Attack and Mama Tried show on the island at Tequila Cove.


Raising a Ruckus With Mama Tried

Mama Tried can be like a raging tornado coming into town, not necessarily in the destructive sense, but more in the sense of, “Hold on tight! Here they come!”  They are a rowdy, lawless group that plays fast “thrash-grass” music, blasting off at every venue they play at.


No Sick Days

About halfway through our set at Seawall in Corpus Christi, Ryan had to stop playing so he could go throw up in the bathroom.  I told him that I would play some songs by myself until he could play again because stopping was not an option.  Over the years, we had developed a good reputation for never canceling shows and believed strongly in the motto, “The show must go on!”  One way or another, we would do the show, regardless of the circumstances.


A Race to Harrison’s Landing

We left Port Aransas later than planned, and I was beginning to think that we would be late for our gig in Corpus Christi.  The original plan was to depart from Island Moorings Marina before noon and due to everybody sleeping in, we found ourselves sailing out a little after 2 p.m.  This was something I was getting used to.  Our schedule was exhausting, and the ambitious departure times that were planned often got thrown out the window, only to be replaced by much-needed recuperation time.  I knew that rest was important, and without a healthy well rested crew, there would be no tour.  Safety first.


The Derelict Boat at Key Allegro

“I just had to get a closer look.  I see fine yachts here every day, but never this.  I figured that it was either pirates or gypsies pulling up on that derelict boat.”  Those were the words of a lady that came to check out Alyzarian and her crew in the Key Allegro Marina in Rockport.  We had pulled in a little before dark, and as usual, we stood out.  We kind of felt like pirates and gypsies, but we didn’t consider Alyzarian a “derelict boat.”  She was our home, and she had everything we needed.


Repairing Alyzarian with Seasoned Salt

Throughout the tour, we had lots of visitors come aboard Alyzarian.  Not all of them were boat savvy. At one point, someone had basically stepped through the port side cockpit seat/locker.  It really wasn’t that bad, but there was a nice size crack in the fiberglass.  I kind of knew it might happen at some point because before we left for the tour, the fiberglass in that area was showing signs of stress.  Fixing it was on my pre-departure to-do list, but I never got around to it.


Salty and Snaggled

It’s not that we lowered our standards. I believe that we just began to appreciate something different.  This would also be a good time to mention that (to my knowledge) none of the crew had gotten laid at all on the entire tour, probably due to the fact that our schedules and living quarters did not make that type of activity very easy.  We all – at one time or another – developed “crushes” for ladies that we met along the way, though.


30-amp Dilemma

First of all, I’ll explain the electronics on Alyzarian.  It is a very simple setup, but most boats are likely set up differently.  There are basically two main systems – shore power and battery power.  Alyzarian’s shore power is an extension cord that goes to a couple power strips and powers the battery charger, the refrigerator, air conditioner and anything else that is plugged into the power strips including a few lamps and often a laptop computer, cell phone chargers and more.  The battery power system includes two marine deep-cycle batteries that are used separately to power navigational lights, cabin lights, compass light, depth finder, CD player and 12-volt accessories.  Shore power charges one of the batteries, while the other one powers the electronics, and the batteries are switched as necessary.


The 4-Foot Rule

Alyzarian has a large fin keel that sits about 4 feet below the waterline.  It keeps the boat upright and prevents the boat from slipping sideways when sailing up wind.  It also prevents the boat from going anywhere that has less than 4 feet of water.